December 8, 2022

How to write an award-winning submission

Complete guide to submitting your entries to have the best chances of winning The Sign Awards.

How can you increase brand awareness? One of the effective ways is by winning awards from your industry. In fact, research shows that award-winning companies can increase sales by 37%. Writing submissions can seem a little challenging at first, but our team knows how to make it easier for you. In this article, we summed up five tips for writing award-winning submissions.

But before you start writing, make sure you go through every point in the Rules of Entry to give yourself the best chance to win at the Sign Awards.


First of all, take your time. Don't rush. Get familiar with the entry questions and think of the best way to present your project. Ensure you have plenty of time to focus on preparing a quality entry that helps the judges understand why you should win. And make sure you set the time to proofread your submission. But don't take too long, and keep in mind that the deadline is December 16th.


The next recommendation is to examine your awards submission from the judges' point of view. Judges go through more than a hundred awards submissions. You want to make sure your entry is interesting to read until the end. Don't save the best for last!


You can also write your award submission based on customers' thoughts. Why do your customers choose your company time and time again over your competitors? Use your customer research to stand out from other candidates. At the end of the day, a satisfied customer is a win by itself. Do not be afraid to show it off in your entries.


Our next tip is to write the submission as a story of your success. Every company has its story, and building a successful business is not an easy task. Everybody wants to know what challenges you've accomplished to get where you are. To make it easier, ask yourself a question and write down the answer in the submission form. For example:  "What steps did your business take to reduce its overall impact on the environment?";  or "What did the nominee do to drive change in the industry?" Describe your path and show us what makes you proud of your company.


Last but not least - attached files. Project categories are judged blindly. The judges will only see two things: your entry statement and supporting photos. The photos must be of good quality and showcase the full grandiosity of your projects. For the Sign Awards, make sure that you're submitting no more than 10 files for each entry.

Follow these tips and have a win in your pocket. Remember that winning an award will help your company increase brand awareness and also attract talent to your business. Not only will the potential customers get impressed by your award-winning title, but the future employees will choose to be a part of an industry-recognized team. Because who wouldn't like to work in the company of the year, right?

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