March 22nd, Birmingham

We'll reveal our 2023 winners at the gala dinner.

Tickets are now sold out. See you soon!

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Welcome to
The Sign Awards

After a 4 year hiatus, the UK & Ireland signage industry will come together to recognise and celebrate the best of the industry at a brand new event.

Entry to the contest is free and open to manufacturers of signage from anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Judging is blind and impartial, and will be carried out by an international jury of experienced signage industry professionals.

The winners will be announced at our gala dinner on March 22nd in Birmingham.

Gala dinner

22 March 2023


Architectural Sign

We're looking for powerful, stand-out examples of architectural signs that perfectly fit their environment.

Interior Decor

Here we're looking for internal branding schemes which use various processes to deliver an outstanding result.

Wayfinding Scheme

We're looking for wayfinding schemes that complement their environment whilst being clear for those seeking information.

Illuminated Sign

We're looking for the best examples of stand-out illuminated signage, either indoor or outdoor.


Roll-outs and multi-site projects come with their own unique set of challenges. Tell us how you've delivered against the creative brief whilst overcoming obstacles.

Traditional Sign

This category will recognise the true craftmanship that goes into traditional signs such as neon, gilt, sign-writing or carpentry.

Sustainability in Signage

This award will recognise a company that has taken significant steps to reduce its environmental impact.

Young Signmaker

This award recognises a signmaker under the age of 30 who has shown great promise and has a big career ahead of them.

Industry Champion

This award will recognise an individual who has been championing the industry for 10+ years.

Company of the Year

Two awards will be given here:

- Under 30 employees
- 30+ employees

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